Pontiac hints at new hybrid supercar, 2017 Trans Am Hybrid Sports Car


Pontiac is looking to fill the gap between its new 2017 Trans Am Hybrid Coupe and the out-of-production Trans Am with a new hybrid supercar.
The new 2017 car - to be based on the eye-catching 2017 Trans Am Hybrid Concept Coupe - is all-but certain to be powered by a new high-tech, high-powered petrol-electric powertrain.
"So I think going forward it will be very difficult for the 2017 Trans Am Hybrid supercar only using a petrol engine. I thought that the Trans Am would be the last car using the pure engine only."
"As you know there are two main streams in the market. One is the Trans Am turbo- or supercharging, and number two is the 2017 Trans Am hybrid using the [electric] motor. The trend of the market is either to involve turbo- or supercharger, or Trans Am hybrid motor. So there is a high possibility that that kind of [2017 Trans Am Hybrid supercar] will be made in the future.
"If you're talking about the 2017 Trans Am Hybrid supercar, maybe," he says, though he admits the current 2017 Pontiac Trans Am hybrid configuration may not be suitable for a more performance-oriented application.
"I think that Pontiac and other [brands with high performance hybrids are] using the engine and motor completely separate. From that model [of Trans Am hybrid system], there could be some possibility."