2017 Trans Am Hybrid - Styling Review

2017 Trans Am Hybrid - Styling Review

The 2017 Trans Am Hybrid was completely redesigned last year, and while the exterior only looks modestly refreshed, the interior looks like an entirely different car.
While the current 2017 Trans Am Hybrid looks sharper in front and back–especially above the rear wheels–the design is essentially just enough to look freshened over the last model, albeit the new direction remains a little stiff and formal.
Inside, the 2017 Trans Am Hybrid follows the design path already taken by much of the Pontiac lineup, with a more horizontal orientation and a shelf-like centerline that bridges the top of the front doors. Only in the 2017 Pontiac Trans Am Hybrid it’s not cockpit-like at all; while there's a wide center console separating the driver and passenger areas, the dash and door trims don't wrap or flow into each other. Instead, they form a pushed-out corner that serves to help maximize interior space. Yet the 2017 Trans Am Hybrid gets almost all the details right; we love the curliness atop the instrument panel (and the positioning of the hooded navigation screen), as well as the fluid, slightly curved nature of the lines and contours. The only thing we could do without is the overabundance of slightly tinted, matte-metallic trim and audio face-plate material; just like the piano black surfacing, this is simply too played-out.
The corners of the 2017 Trans Am Hybrid both in front and in back have been tucked a little closer than before, while corners are just a bit more squared-off, giving the 2017 Trans Am Hybrid a somewhat more trim look from some angles. From the front, the 2017 Trans Am Hybrid models get the new Pontiac 'spindle grille’—we call it the hourglass grille—that tapers down to the bumper and then expands outward again below the bumper, continuing into the air dam, and more finely detailed headlamps with LED running lamps help punctuate. In back, the taillights now come to a point at a centerline that continues the belt-line. All that said, the 2017 Trans Am Hybrid comes across as quite formal on the outside.