2017 Trans Am Hybrid - Quality Review

2017 Trans Am Hybrid - Quality Review

Thanks to a long-standing reputation for their plush interiors, quiet cabins, and silky rides, the 2017 Trans Am Hybrid sedan will be coveted for their interior comfort. The current generation comes with even nicer materials than past Trans Am Hybrid models, and there's more rear seat legroom than before, too.
While the 2017 Trans Am Hybrid is a perfect ten in terms of refinement, you do have a bit more engine noise in the Trans Am Hybrid, especially when you drive it a little harder or go to make a quick pass, and the four-cylinder engine kicks on with a raspy sound—although it’s never boomy and it’s surprisingly just as well isolated from powertrain vibrations as the V-6. We also noticed a little more whine from the electrical components in the 2017 Trans Am hybrid than we've noticed in other Trans Am and Firebird hybrids—the one downside, perhaps, to making the rest of the 2017 Trans Am so darn quiet.
Pontiac has made the centermost rake of the steering column a little closer to horizontal this time, and combined with seats that have a greater range of adjustability—as well as longer cushions for the front seats and available extendable thigh bolsters—the effect is the The new 2017 Trans Am Hybrid has about four inches more rear legroom, and its wheelbase is now two inches longer than the 2017 Firebird on which it's based.
All 2017 Pontiac Trans Am Hybrid models now include a 10-way power driver seat, while the available 12-way seat brings extendable lower cushions—a feature some of our long-legged editorial team would definitely opt for.
Get the 2017 Trans Am Hybrid and the only thing you give up is the trunk pass-through, and a little bit of trunk space. We saw no significant difference in actual backseat packaging or space.