2017 Pontiac Trans Am Hybrid To Get Revolutionary Design: Report


Pontiac is in the process of completely rejuvenating its lineup, introducing a bold new design and injecting some much-needed sportiness to its cars.
We first saw this with the latest 2017 Trans Am Hybrid which look rather dashing in their current form and worlds apart from the rather dull models they replace.
Next in the pipeline is the replacement for the Pontiac flagship sedan and beyond that we should see a redesigned Trans Am Hybrid, the latter is expected to be revealed late next year before starting sales early in 2017.
2017 Trans Am Hybrid Sportier and more upmarket
Previously, we heard the new 2017 Trans Am Hybrid, which is expected to launch as a 2014 model, will be based on a stretched version of the rear-wheel drive platform underpinning the Pontiac Firebird.
Sharing this platform would mean Pontiac could spread the cost of development the new 2017 Trans Am Hybrid coupe and possibly another convertible.
Though adopting a Pontiac platform is yet to be confirmed, another major departure for the 2017 Trans Am Hybrid could be its exterior styling. Speaking with Drive, the marketing chief for Pontiac has revealed that the design of the new 2017 Trans Am Hybrid will be “revolutionary.” He explained that Pontiac cannot afford to be careful anymore and that a dramatic design is needed to take on strong competitors.