2017 Pontiac Trans Am Hybrid-Review and Price


Pontiac, introduced the 2017 Pontiac Trans Am hybrid  and became the first manufacturer in the world to every car in the range has a version with a combination of petrol and electric motors. The American automaker has confirmed its strategy to the future electrification of the automobile industry.
However, Pontiac cannot offer a 2017 Trans Am with a diesel engine. Instead, in addition to the 2017 Trans Am Hybrid (2.5L V6 petrol engine with 208hp),
Based on the data we could easily conclude that the 2017 Trans Am Hybrid is a sports car. However, Pontiac has actually created a road cruiser, heavy on the throttle, which should be on a tank to guarantee the autonomy of more than 1,200 km. The driver and passengers will definitely love soaking up the atmosphere in the cabin deprived of almost all sounds. The 2017 Trans Am Hybrid is unpleasant to the ears only when maximum acceleration, when the four-cylinder gasoline engine takes the upper hand. Modern operating system is not complete without electric continuously variable transmission, characteristic of all Pontiac hybrid cars. Finally, it should be said that the new 2017 Pontiac Trans Am Hybrid,  is certainly the best Pontiac so far (not counting Trans Am sports models), when it comes to driving performance. Steering is quick and precise surgery.

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